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Although a heavily visited park site, Canyon Village comes up short on historical attractions. Most of the buildings date back to the 1950s, and only the former sites of the region’s famous hotel and historic lodge are considered cultural resources.

Canyon Hotel
Established during the park’s early administration years, the Canyon Hotel was located approximately one mile south of Canyon Junction. Featuring a one square mile perimeter, the Canyon Hotel was one of the park’s largest buildings. As new hotels and lodges were added around the park, however, the Canyon Hotel received less use and was eventually demolished and burned in 1962. Today, the hotel’s dump and cistern are the only remains. Historic photographs of the hotel can be found in the Canyon Village Visitor Center.

Canyon Lodge
Nestled amidst the meadows now home to Canyon Village’s restrooms, the old Canyon Lodge was situated on the present site of Uncle Tom’s outfitting service parking lot. Most traces of the lodge have disappeared, but on occasion, a few remains of the defunct lodge can be found.

Historic Highlights of the Canyon Area