Historic Highlights of the West Thumb &
Grant Village Areas

Although the historical attractions lining the West Thumb and Grant Village Areas are minimal, they are by no means insignificant. The sites explore Yellowstone’s early inhabitants and the introduction of park rangers.

Archaeological Highlights
Archaeologists have discovered significant evidence suggesting that Native Americans frequented West Thumb’s lakeshores. Traces of ancient camping, food gathering, and migration have all been found in the region. 

West Thumb Information Station
The West Thumb Information Station dates back to 1925 and originally served as the West Thumb Ranger Station. The log structure provides an ideal example of historic architecture typical of Yellowstone’s early buildings. The style was immediately idolized, and several other national parks across the country exhibit similar log buildings. The more modern and enclosed breezeway was added in 1966. Today, the station is open daily during summer season as an interesting visitor stop.

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