Most of Jackson Hole, a 40-mile long, 15-mile wide valley surrounded by mountains, lies within Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Memorial Parkway. Within the park and parkway, approximately 100 miles of paved roads await the bicyclist. Numerous scenic turnouts provide spectacular views of the impressive Teton Range. To enter or leave the valley, bicyclists may need to cross one or more mountain passes.

Some roads in the park predate today’s bicycling popularity. Most roads have a paved marked shoulder, providing limited space for safe bicycling. Some roads have only a very narrow shoulder, or lack one altogether. Use extreme caution.

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Mountain Biking Suggested Routes
Two-Ocean Lake Road
Three miles of dirt road lead from the Pacific Creek Road to Two-Ocean Lake for a short but scenic ride over rolling terrain.

River Road
A gravel road parallels the west side of the Snake River for approximately 15 miles between Signal Mountain and Cottonwood Creek. Watch for wildlife. Maintain a safe distance (300 feet minimum) from large animals, such as bison, that frequent this area.

Grassy Lake Road
Travel an old American Indian route through the transition between Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Ride all or part of the 52-mile road that starts west of Flagg Ranch and continues to Ashton, Idaho.

REMEMBER: Bicycles are not allowed on any trails in Grand Teton National Park or the John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Memorial Parkway, but you can ride your fat-tired bicycle on any unpaved roads where cars can legally go.

CAUTION: Unpaved roads are narrow. Ride on the right side of the road and be alert for vehicular traffic. Dry weather causes unpaved roads to become extremely dusty.

Road Biking Suggested Routes
Teton Park Road Recent road construction from Moose to North Jenny Lake Junction included widening the road shoulders. The adjacent 3-mile Jenny Lake Scenic Drive provides spectacular views of the tallest Teton peaks.

Antelope Flats – Kelly Area
Bicycle secondary roads through sagebrush flats with spectacular views of the Teton Range.

For More Information
Obtain information concerning bicycling, bicycle routes, facilities, and services from the park visitor centers at Moose, Jenny Lake and Colter Bay. A recorded message provides information about the park’s weather, activities and park facilities 24- hours a day all year long. Call (307) 739- 3611.

Bicycles may be rented in the park at Dornans' in Moose. Bicycle rentals, parts and service are also available from several shops nearby in the town of Jackson.

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