River Information

Detailed boating regulations are available at visitor centers and ranger stations.

Beginner Level
Jackson Lake Dam to Cattleman's Bridge Cattleman's Bridge to Pacific Creek
These stretches provide scenic views, calmer water and the fewest obstructions. Fast water at the Pacific Creek landing requires boaters to land their craft in quiet waters about 100 yards upstream from the actual landing.

Intermediate Level
Pacific Creek to Deadman's Bar
More difficult than the preceding section, this stretch of river drops significantly, increasing the current. Braided channels make routefinding difficult and require more skill. Boating experience on lakes has proven to be of little help to river runners on the Snake.

Flagg Ranch to Lizard Creek Campground
The braided channel makes route-finding a challenge. After the Snake River winds through the Rockefeller Parkway for 6 miles, it flows into Jackson Lake. During the remaining 4 miles on the lake, the predominant southwest winds can be moderate to strong and strenuous rowing or paddling is required. Afternoon thunderstorms and strong lake winds can produce high waves that can swamp rafts and canoes. Motorized craft are prohibited on the river; however, motors can be carried on vessels and used on Jackson Lake.

Advanced Level
Deadman's Bar to Moose Landing
Most river accidents occur on this section, the most challenging stretch of the river in the park. The river drops more steeply, with faster flows than in other sections south of Pacific Creek, giving boaters very little time to maneuver their craft. Complex braiding obscures the main channel. Strong current can sweep boaters into side channels blocked by logjams.

Moose to South Park Boundary
This section of the river is as difficult as the preceding section. Fast moving water, braiding, channel selection, logjams and route finding require advanced boating skills. The park boundary extends 5 miles downriver of Moose on the west bank and 2 miles downriver on the east bank; there is no take out or access to the river at the park boundary. The next take out is at Wilson, 12 miles downstream from Moose.

Southgate to Flagg Ranch
Southgate Launch is 1/2-mile south of the South Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The river slopes steeply and the narrow riverway provides challenging whitewater for rafts and kayaks. In spring, increased water volume creates large standing waves, haystacks, laterals and large holes capable of flipping rafts. It can be scouted by walking the canyon rim trail along the west bank of the river. During flows greater than 4000 cfs, the whitewater rapids are Class III and are not recommended for canoes. Below 4000 cfs, only canoeists with advanced white water skills should attempt this section.

Southgate Launch to Flagg Ranch 3.0
Flagg Ranch to Lizard Creek Campground 10.0
Jackson Lake Dam to Cattleman's Bridge 2.0
Cattleman's Bridge to Pacific Creek 3.0
Pacific Creek to Deadman's Bar 10.5
Deadman's Bar to Moose Landing 10.0
Moose to Wilson 12.0

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